Terms and Conditions

The following are the terms and conditions (the "Terms") for the use of the Bill of Sale App,Services, and related material.

Bill of Sale app Material is defined as any intellectual property, legal materials, documents, web pages, software, products, web links, email, information, or any other materials provided by or previously provided by app, including any portion thereof. Bill of Sale Services is defined as any Bill of Sale service.

If you do not wish to be bound by these Terms, you are not granted authority to use or access the app or Bill of Sale Material.

Use of Bill of Sale Material and Bill of Sale Services

A. Generally

You agree not to use any Bill of Sale and Bill of Sale Services for any purpose which is against any law in your jurisdiction or for any purpose which would not give full effect to the Terms even if that purpose is otherwise allowed under the Terms.

Final Document is defined as the finished legal document for legal document products or other document created through the use of a Bill of Sale product. You are granted a License when you enter into a free trial, have a subscription or pay for access to a product.

Any paid or Free Trial License granted is subject to the Terms and entitles you to:

Legal Advice, Information and Decision Making Responsibility

Bill of Sale app is not a law firm and does not provide Legal Advice (as defined below). Your use of Bill of Sale Material or any Bill of Sale Services does not create a solicitor-client relationship between you and Bill of Sale app.

You agree that all decisions you make on legal matters are your full responsibility and you agree to retain legal counsel licensed to practice in your jurisdiction regarding any legal issue of enough importance to reasonably require it.

You agree that Bill of Sale does not provide Legal Advice. If you receive any communication from Bill of sale its agents, its employees or any other associated entity, which is Legal Advice, you agree that it is NOT a communication authorized by Bill of Sale and you agree to immediately delete and disregard it.

Except as expressly provided in these Terms, you agree to accept full responsibility for determining the value of and for any use you make of Bill of Sale Material, and for obtaining any needed assistance from a properly licensed attorney to assess the value of and appropriate uses for any Bill of Sale Material.

For the purposes of these Terms, Legal Advice is defined to include the following:

any legal related communication, work or service which, under the governing law of your jurisdiction, is only allowed to be performed by or under the supervision of a properly licensed attorney;
 advice on which legal document or documents you need or are best for your situation; determining the legal consequences that will or could result from how you have created your legal document; whether you have included inappropriate, conflicting, or ambiguous information in your legal documents; whether you have omitted any necessary provisions or details from your legal documents; and whether you require any additional legal documents or legal procedures.

Document Preparation and Privacy of Information

The information you provide when you prepare a document on our app is held strictly confidential. No data is stored on server or shared with any third party.


To the maximum extent allowable under applicable law, except as explicitly identified in these terms, you agree not to publish, re-publish, lend, license, give away, look at the software source code, modify the software source code, post to an Internet web site, or use in an automated system any Bill of Sale Material nor will you utilize Bill of Sale Material in any way for the creation of an automated system or website, or app, nor will you allow or assist a third party to do so.

You agree to only use Bill of Sale Material and the app as a customer. 
Licenses granted are subject to these Terms, and are non-exclusive, non-transferable, and revocable.

Classical Personal Information

We do not collect any personal information about you through our Apps, with the sole exception of persistent identifiers (such as IDFA, IDFV, Advertising ID, IP address).


Although Bill of Sale Application are free to download, all of our Applications may offer in-app purchases, including subscriptions (“In-App Purchases”). Even though our free-to-download Applications offer In-App Purchases, You can use Applications and all of the features necessary to progress within said Applications without making any In-App Purchases using real money.

In-App Purchases may be made only upon entering Your app store password and You are responsible for maintaining the security of such password. Your authentication and security maintaining is subject to the specific terms of the app store and the operating system (“OS”) of Your mobile device. You should be aware of the iOS’ 15-minute window after downloading an Application, during which time In-App Purchases may be made without the insertion of an app store password.

By completing an In-App Purchase You obtain a limited, personal, non-transferable, non-sublicensable, revocable license to create, save and share bills, virtual content (“Virtual Items”) within our Application. Virtual Items are not redeemable or subject to refund and cannot be traded outside of the Application for money or other items of value. Bill of Sale may manage, regulate, control, modify or eliminate Virtual Items and the price for Virtual Items at any time, with or without notice. Bill of sale shall have no liability to You or any third party in the event that bill of sale exercises any such rights.

By signing up for a subscription, You agree that Your subscription will be automatically renewed and, unless You cancel Your subscription, You authorize us to charge Your account for the renewal term. The period of auto-renewal and the price of subscription will be the same as Your initial subscription period and price, unless otherwise disclosed to You at the time of sale. You can manage Your subscriptions in Your app store account settings. You should be aware that deleting the Application from Your device does not always result in the cancellation of Your subscription.

In-App Purchases USD 2.99 to USD 49.99. All rates are in USD currency and are subject to change and localization to the local currency, which shall be done by the app store from which You downloaded the App, meaning that the prices may vary plus/minus 15%. You should always check the prices in the Application to get the real values of the subscription You want to buy in Your territory.

In-App Purchases are subject to the payment terms and conditions of the mobile platform (e.g. iOS Platform from which You make Your purchase. Bill of Sale does not control or manage the payment process. Please review the relevant terms and conditions of the applicable platform provider before making any In-App Purchases.



When bill’s are deleted from ios app they are permanently deleted and there is no way or steps for recovery, You can share/save existing bills on your email.


Except as expressly provided in these Terms, to the maximum extent permitted under applicable law, Bill of Sale Material and Services are provided "as is" without any kind of warranty.

You accept full responsibility for determining whether Bill of Material and Services are suitable for any particular purpose and for protecting yourself against any possible consequential damages.

Bill of Sale does not authenticate users' signatures or identities. Bill of Sale electronic signature functionality does not track IP addresses, include digital certificates, use a certification authority nor any other third party verification. You accept full responsibility for determining whether an electronic signature is suitable for any particular purpose.

Except as expressly provided in these Terms, we are not responsible for any loss, injury, claim, liability, damage, or consequential damage related to your use of Bill of Sale Material and Bill of Sale Services, or for inaccessibility of Bill of Sale Material and Services whether from errors or omissions in the content of Bill of Sale Material and Services or any other linked sites or for any other reason. Use of Bill of Sale Material and Services is at your own risk.


We will occasionally update this Privacy Policy as necessary to protect our users, furnish current information, and respond to legal and technical changes.